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Appreciating the beauty of the world through my art.

From the first time I started to work with acrylic pouring, I fell in love. It has an unpredictability about it. I then try to see what the art is saying and embellish it. I keep paintings here that I have sold, because I can do commission pieces as well. No acrylic pour painting is the same, but I can do something similar if you like it (also, you can order a print from a piece that has sold). In contrast, I also make dot mandala art (on rocks and canvases). This art form is just the opposite of acrylic pour. It is very precise and controlled. Depending on my mood, I will pick one or the other to work on. I am dabbling in oils and will display that work as well. I love to work on pieces for meaningful fundraisers. Please contact me if you need a piece for a good cause!

I am just starting out with doing animal portraits in pastels. If you are interested, please contact me so we can discuss how best to create a painting of your furry family member!

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