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  • Cindy Lefton

How Are you Doing During Quarantine?

Most of the country and world has experience some sort of quarantine in the past few months. How have you done with it all? I am trying to immerse myself into my art and my music. I can always paint, but my music has been a challenge! I play the french horn in a community band, and two orchestras (OSU-Corvallis Symphony and the Willamette Valley Symphony). While painting is a very quiet experience where you are working by yourself, music is better experienced with a group (in my opinion). You practice your part and others practice theirs, and then, voila! it all comes together! The pieces finally fit, like a puzzle. I ache for that feeling again. It could be awhile before I get to experience that. I am practicing at home and have participated in some virtual groups. But it isn't the same. I am so grateful that I have my art! I am a nurse by profession. If you happen to be reading this and need someone to listen, I will be there for you. My purpose in life is to help others--and hopefully cheer people up through my art. Let's work together to make this world a better place!

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